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Perfect platform to increase verbal ability in gmat


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Krishna Chaitanya

Location Online

My greatest weakness was comprehending a long and complex sentence correctly in verbal.
Master comprehension module helped me a lot to comprehend the meaning of a complex sentence .
SC,CR, and RC module are designed beautifully to make your base strong .
The concepts taught in these videos were very helpful not only to clear very basic doubts but also to tackle difficult questions.
I used to make notes while going through SC,CR, and RC module. And it helped me a lot during revision.
Verbal scholaranium is no doubt a great platform to know the ability.
The questions are too good in the verbal scholarinium.
I used the verbal forum in the later part of my preparation. It is really a nice platform to clarify very silly to tricky doubts.
I wrote my GMAT exam on 18th dec 2018. Since my target score is 730, I am planning to write the exam again to get 700 plus score sticking to my e-gmat verbal preparation.

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