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Amazing GMAT resource for Verbal


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

Location Online

e-GMAT is one of the most comprehensive resource for GMAT verbal section. For me, the SC and RC sections were most helpful both in terms of increasing my understanding of the subject and increasing my ability tackle GMAT like questions. The OG quizzes really stand out for me, the manner which all the OG questions for a given topic are all clubbed at the same place helped me to identify the different variants in which the concepts are tested in the real GMAT.

For SC
The concepts are easy to digest and once you start trusting the e-GMAT process , it does surely start to reap it's benefits. Although the process initially takes time, It took me about 2.5-3 mins to get through a SC question but with practice i was able to get that time down to 1;30-2 mins without any dip in my accuracy.

For RC
The reading strategies along with pre-thinking concept really helped me to setup a process to tackle any RC passage. As with SC initially my speed was really slow but with time i was able to read a passage with 35-40 lines comprehensively in under 4 mins.

I think the course is best suited for non-native English speaker who are not very clear about fundamental concepts.

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