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GMAT Verbal from V23 to V32


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

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I started preparing for my GMAT last year. At the inception of my prep work, I joined few local coaching centers. I found these classes to be dull and repetitive. They covered the very basics in Math and I wanted something of higher quality to achieve my desired score.

While researching for tips on GMAT CLUB, I read success stories of many aspirants and on how E-GMAT helped them crack the GMAT. I first opted for a trial session as I was a little uncertain about an online/virtual class when compared to a traditional classroom. Once I went through the whole structure of the online, I was hooked and have been using only E-GMAT for my preparation for the exam. The structured approach gave me the confidence to carry on with my preparations after many disappointing mocks.

I find the course to have an excellent structure and a good variety of questions. The questions are clearly categorized in accordance to their difficulty level (EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, VERY HARD) and the course is organized such that we start from an easy level and they slowly increase the difficulty. The very hard questions are unique and challenging. These questions trained me to think fast and helped me identify the best technique for different questions. Practicing this huge array of questions helped me sharpen my methodology.

I can vouch that E-GMAT’s verbal course is the best! In few months my V23 has risen to V34 in all the mocks and expecting it to rise more. The Scholaranium platform is the most useful tool provided by E-GMAT. It helps you customize your tests and the solutions provided for each question is very detailed and leaves very little for guess work.

The live sessions on E-GMAT will help you analyze and compare your progress with other students. I should also give credit to my very resourceful instructors. Shradha, Krishna and Payal were really good. The E-GMAT admin is also very responsive and encouraging. Any query you ask regarding the course or concept is answered within 24 hours.

I would recommend E-GMAT to anyone who is serious about cracking the GMAT and E-GMAT is a real bargain.

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