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Subscribe to EGMAT Verbal course. Their great content is great and the analytics are pretty engaging. Tried and tested by yours truly. You will encounter two options, the Online Prep and the Live Prep. The difference between the two is that the Live Prep has additional three hour webinars on the weekends. No new concept is taught in these webinars, only the application part is strengthened by solving 4-5 questions collectively. Choose whichever option you like.

GMAT Verbal consists of three subsections – SC (Sentence Correction), CR (Critical Reasoning) and RC (Reading comprehension). I would suggest that you start off with SC (time to complete approx. 4 weeks), after which your brain will probably get fried up and thus for pain relief, go to RC (pretty lame stuff, finishes in about a week) and at last take up CR (approx. 4 weeks). This entire time calculation depends on the assumption that you will be spending a quality 2 hour period each day on study and maybe double of that on the weekends.

On the EGMAT platform, you will encounter Concept files (which teach the theory), application files (IMO the most important since they teach you the application of the concepts learnt earlier via 3-4 questions), and practice files (questions from the EGMAT Scholaranium database). After this, there are topic wise questions to be solved from the Official Guide (OG) and the Verbal Review (OG VR).
In a nutshell here’s the Verbal approach for you - Concept < Application < Practice < OG < OG VR. Do this topic wise in each subsection (e.g. SC / CR / RC) and move ahead. By doing this you will comprehensively finish the topic wise content of the Verbal section.

At the same time, please, for the love of god, maintain an error log. An error log is simply a collection of questions which you attempted incorrectly. All the questions on the EGMAT platform have excellent in-built analytics so there is no need to log those. But the ones which you get wrong on the OG and the OG VR, do put them in. My preferred way is to take a picture or a snapshot and then paste it on a power point presentation. Make a small text box as to what you need to remember or where you faltered. Do this for the Quant section too.

Thus, for the Verbal section, the resources which will give you a comprehensive preparation are –
• EGMAT – Theory + Scholaranium
• Official Guide
• Official Guide Verbal Review

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