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Not an optimal GMAT preparation tool.


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

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I started preparing for GMAT somewhere in Apr-17 by my own and given my first GMAT on 09-Sept-17. I had only referred only one book -Princeton GMAT Review apart from the diagnostic test from official guide. I scored a score of 560(Q49, V17) which I cancelled as my target score was 650+. I asked few of my colleagues for my improvement in the score. They suggested to take e-GMAT course. I enrolled on 14-Sept-17 for this course. I judiciously completed complete verbal course and solved all the recommended official questions. I partially solved their verbal scholoranium. I also went through their Quant courses partially. Meanwhile I had scheduled my exam date which was 04-Mar-18. I got a score of 580 (Q49, V19). Again I cancelled my score as it was not meeting my minimum score criteria of 650. I took six month extension of their course to complete the Quant as well as scholaranium. I fully competed the quant course, completed Quant and verbal scholaranium to a great extend and brushed up the verbal portion. I again appeared for the GMAT on 04-Aug-18 and ended up with 550 (Q50, V16).

Whether e-GMAT course was not effective for my preparation?

I started systematic with e-GMAT course as per their recommended schedule. I simply printed their recommended time table and pasted it on the wall. I simply colored the portion i completed. It took me around 4 months to complete the sentence structure and another two month for critical reasoning and reading comprehension. The course material was assisted with the live sessions by their instructors. The recommended official questions numbers were listed which I solved as per the guideline. The sentence correction course is quite dense, CR was moderate and RC was only explained with help of 2-3 examples. Though I brushed up the concept related to GMAT questions through this course and got a quite good understanding about the question types and pattern but I failed to improve my verbal score. In case of quant, though I improved only from Q49 to Q50, I was quite comfortable solving the quant questions in my 3rd attempt.

e-GMAT verbal teach concepts of verbal but it fails to provide the skills to make one fast. Even it makes one quite slow in their approach as there is no time to use the recommended methodological approach. e-GMAT quant approach is also methodological which might make one slow but a person of math background can get one's concept brushed up and can manage to have some improvement in score.

e-GMAT doesn't provide any exclusive instructor as they have various instructors for different topics who conducts live session. Live sessions adds only limited value to the preparation and is not as effective as advertised.

Looking forward for improvement in verbal through further preparations.

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