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Very long course and not very helpful


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

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Though there are great reviews for the EGMAT course and seeing those reviews I took their complete course, verbal+Quant. In the verbal section, I just did their sentence correction which is ok for learning grammar rules but didn't help me in achieving any results in sentence correction. Their method of understanding the sentence is good but seeing the time constraints in GMAT, it was not very helpful in practice. If you plan to take their complete course Quant+Verbal, be ready to have 3 months of complete break, they are very long and monotonous, I only did their sentence correction and a few other parts. What really helped me is the GMAT Club, where I used to practice every day with the Question bank. Though my official GMAT score was less than expected, as I was scoring 720-740 in mocks but it got me admitted to my dream college. For this, I want to thank GMAT Club and it's awesome members. There are people at GMAT Club who have explained every concept very beautifully.

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