September 28, 2020

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490 Q37 V24

Only for SC..Quant sucks


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Online

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I have been preparing for GMAT Through egmat online course and I found it be very lacking regards to the content. Also I feel their questions in the Scholaranium to be harder than usual and not a representative of actual gmat. Overall, I found it very hard to finish their course and I felt that their layout of content to be a bit lacking. My verbal score did not increase even a bit after spending few months (except for SC) with E-gmat Verbal. I feel they do a lot of marketing for their course to gain people but wish they would put more effort towards the course. Their exam is not at all close to the real one atleast not even close to veritas or mgamt. Their quant course is awful. Pllease consider befor taking this gmat course.

October 16, 2020

Dear @SonGoku,

I am extremely sorry to hear that you couldn’t get your desired score in your recent attempt. I understand how disappointing it can be after putting in the effort to ace it.

In a pursuit to identify what stopped you from acing the GMAT and what you should do next, I tried to look you up on the e-GMAT platform. Can you please confirm whether you are registered with or not?

I await for your response.


October 16, 2020

yes @egmat that is my mail id

October 23, 2020

Thank you for confirming your email id. I looked up your course attempts and I noticed several data points which indicated that you were not ready to take the test.

I’ll try to summarise them for you:

Gaps in conceptual knowledge – You mentioned that you could not improve in any sub-section except for SC. This is quite in line with your course attempts. I noticed that you covered only 24% of CR and 7% of RC course content and practically solved 0 questions on Verbal Scholaranium. I’m afraid your Quant attempts aren’t too different. In Quant, too, I see you completed no sub-section except Number Properties, that too with an average score of 65% in Concept files.

Missed several feedback points: e-GMAT platform provides upwards of 50 feedback points. One such feedback point is the scores in Concept and Application files. A score of less than 80% indicates that a student hasn’t internalised concepts and that the pertinent topics immediate attention. Another extremely important feedback point is the score in Sigma-X mock test. You scored 490 in your last SIGma-X mock, exactly what you scored in the actual GMAT. This score indicated that you were not ready to take the test.

Poor adherence to the provided Plan: This was probably the biggest reason and the root cause of all the other issues. I see you stopped following 3 Stage learning architecture and the milestone-driven plan that I had shared with you back you had just started off your prep. Acing GMAT requires you to acquire certain foreign skills and mastering them. Like any other foreign skill, acing these skills too requires persistence and diligence. However, that doesn’t mean that you give up on it.

I’d like to help you out with your next attempt. Please reach out to me at, and we will work on the plan of action that you should follow for you.


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