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Tl;dr - e-Gmat provides you with ALL the tools necessary to ace the GMAT.

If you're still reading through the reviews of GMAT courses, chances are you are still looking for that "perfect course", the course that will take your GMAT scores through the roof. I'm here to shatter your dreams. There's NO such course.

However, e-GMAT is pretty darn close to that. e-GMAT will provide you with the tools necessary to ace the test.

Out of all the options, WHY would you go for e-Gmat? I'll tell you why you should.

1) Structured Approach - No more ambiguity on how to approach a problem. Whatever the GMAT throws at you, you're equipped with the right approach to tackle it.

2) Discussion forums - Whatever doubts you may have, chances are some of the tens of thousands of other students who went through the same materials might have thought just like you did, too. Their questions (your questions) will be in the discussion forums, which is btw conveniently RIGHT under each question, and the questions are, most of the time, already answered.

3) EXCELLENT Customer Service- Remember that time you wanted to contact the customer service of some company and you had to wait days on end to come to a solution? Well, that won't happen with these guys. They are dang fast.

4) Scholaranium - With these particular tools, you'll be able to focus on the areas that you're weak at. You can figure out where you are going wrong and fix those. What better way to improve yourself?

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