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I purchased eGMAT in July 2019, but hardly ever used it. When it almost expired, I looked at it and fell in love instantly. Used it for several months but without a focus that GMAT prep generally requires. I was extending this course more and more. Honestly speaking, I used eGMAT for two-three months, very intensively. I was taking notes off its videos, practicing questions, etc. Let me tell you why I think it's the wisest investment:
1. It is very flexible - you can basically study whenever you want, wherever you want; it has a great study planner and progress tracker. Videos are bite sized and each video comes with a great summary slide with a recap of the whole lesson.
2. It focuses on making sure you understand the concept solidly. After each lesson, you take application quiz to test yourself whether you are able to apply concepts to real questions. It advises you to go back and study harder if you don't pass the predetermined benchmark.
3. It has a practice platform called Scholaranium, which has different types of quizzes and tests. It is so customizable as to allow you to pick number of questions, level, topics, etc. And most importantly, it gives you great and logical explanations to each question and answer choices. Another great feature of it is that you can practice OG questions in Scholaranium. OG provides notoriously short official explanations, and Scholaranium fixes it by giving you their experts' explanations to those answer choices. If you are stuck, there is a forum to each question, where you can post your query.

Overall, amazing investment, a very high ROI - Total score of 730 (Q49, V40).

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