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Improvement 50 Points

Course e-GMAT GMAT Online

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I achieved a score improvement of 50 points in about 4 weeks.

I attempted the exam right after 2 weeks of using the egmat course and could see an improvment of 20 points. However, that was the not the best score I could have gotten since I messed up with the exam timings.
Hence, I decided to give another attempt but since the application deadlines were approaching it had to be quick. Personalized guidance from the eGMAT team was a lifesaver here. DJ from eGMAT team reached out and helped me with personalized plan, ESR analysis and a detailed/step-by-step approach for the prep. I was missing the right timing approach for the exam. DJ helped with just the thing I needed, helping me priortize. Alongside, the scholaranium with its amazing analysis directed to my weaknesses which I could then work on quickly. In my view scholaranium is the best prep guide there can be. Two weeks after the previous attempt, I attempted again and saw a huge jump of 30 point, an overall jump of 50 points in around 4 weeks.

Thank you eGMAT.

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