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I might fail to keep this short because I really want everyone to know how great a job has eGMAT done. I have tried a lot of platforms to prepare for GMAT.

1.eGMAT is different in the sense that it understands the process better than anyone else. It is difficult to excel in GMAT based on intuition, eGMAT builds a whole narrative to help you approach a problem. Right from how to read a sentence to help effectively attain a step by step process to actually arrive at the right answer and reject all others on the strong ground.

2. eGMAT has done an excellent job in that their special scholarium portal not only focusses on the questions answered incorrectly but also why one spent those extra seconds even if they answered it correctly. It is a rigorous process that ultimately leads you to solve any question in a structured manner and eliminate the answer choices. 

3. The analytics is massive, you will know exactly where you need to focus and there will be a personalized email to follow these 2-3 steps to get a stronghold in your weaker sections.

4. The mock tests are beautiful. They are probably the closest to the actual GMAT.

In all, it is a brilliant package especially for people who struggle in Verbal. eGMAT's Verbal Section, Scholarium, and the Mock test series are hands down the best in the businesses out there. 

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