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Amazing overall experience with E-gmat


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Hi Reader,

I took the e-gmat course and found it to be extremely helpful for my gmat preparation. I first took the verbal course and then took the quant course as well. E-gmat's structured approach really helped me a lot.
1) Scholaranium: I found scholaranium and the data analytics behind it quite useful. The ability and custom quizes were quite useful in addressing the gaps in my preparation
2) Theory / Modules: I also found the modules, practice and concept quizes quite useful they helped me build a good understanding of the subject and have a strucutred approach. Sentence correction was particularly useful. Also, the ability to refer back to the modules as and when needed further helped in my practise.
3) I think e-gmat is a very good course, good value for money and the e-gmat team is always quite supportive. After my first attempt their team personally evaluated my ESR and then provided me with a strategy to improve my score. Overall I recommend e-gmat course without any reservations.

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