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I had a reasonable amount of time before my GMAT (online). I looked through a lot of reviews for the various online courses/books people use for my preparation. To gain a little more perspective, I gave some mock exams at e-GMAT, GMAT Club, ExpertsGlobal and Jamboree. I found eGMAT test solutions to be the most insightful. The Sigma-X mocks gave a clearer idea of my strengths and weaknesses. I scored 640 (Q50, V28). I decided to buy the verbal+quant package (which cost me around $350). Since my Quant scores were consistently in the 49-51 range, I allocated more time to Verbal. I completed the theory from in the eGMAT modules, which was interspersed with application quizzes. As completed each subsection (order being RC, CR, SC), I gave some ability and custom quizzes with 700+ questions to hone these skills. I gave two more Sigma-X mocks and saw decent improvement (one after completing RC, one after CR). I completed all the quizzes in the Quant section and brushed up the theory only if I scored below 80th percentile in that topic. These performance markers were great to judge my progress. The theory videos gave a clear and concise explanation with a focus on mastering the basics first. The various quizzes required me to perform repeated application of those concepts in order to gain speed. In my final Sigma-X mocks I scored 750, and 720 which shows their accuracy in predicting the score of aspirants. I would recommend their course (bundled with 5 mocks) to anyone who is looking to improve their GMAT score.

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