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Well Rounded Product and excellent Mentoring by Dhananjay Lowe


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Online

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I purchased E-GMAT course after a lot of research on GMAT club and was not disappointed at all with what was provided. Infact, Their "Last mile Cohort program", which they provided free of cost, was a much needed intervention for me. Dhananjay Lowe was my Last mile cohort mentor and his advice was what really helped me get the score of 750. He doesn't tell you what you want to hear instead what you need to hear, a strategy which makes all the difference. His attention to detail and understanding the issues is impeccable and his customized solution to the problems faced is exactly what i needed. A 15 minute call with Dhananjay is an eye opener. I am thankful to both E-Gmat and Dhananjay Lowe for helping me out in the right way at the right time. Thanks Guys!

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