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My journey from 620 to 730


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1st GMAT attempt - I started studying for the GMAT in late 2018 using exclusively the Magoosh online course. At the time I studied for approx. 2 months before taking the GMAT in Jan 2019, when I scored 620 (Q47/V29).

2nd GMAT attempt: I was very disappointed with my score and took the test again one month later, still using Magoosh and free material on the GMAC site, and scored 680 (Q47/V37). I felt the online course I was using was not similar to the real test and I couldn't apply proper strategies to address different question types. So I decided to take a break and take the test at a later stage.

3rd GMAT attempt (using e-GMAT): In Sept 2020 I bought the e-GMAT online course and tried to focus on verbal, which was my weakest spot. I went through the SC course and most of CR, and I was impressed on how I was able to apply the e-GMAT process for solving these questions to improve my results in quizzes and mocks in the verbal section. The course is time consuming, but once you master their process you feel more comfortable with the questions & can asnwer them faster. I took the gmat again in Dec/20 and scored 700 (Q49/V37). I was happy to reach the 700-level but still felt that I could do better.

4th (and last!) GMAT attempt: By the end of 2020 I was invited to join the Last Mile Push program with an e-GMAT tutor (Ashutosh) with the goal to score 720+. He provided me with daily tasks, overall focused on Quant, that allowed me to increase the time studying & focus much better on taking the most out of the e-GMAT course. I did the new quant courses (Number Properties & Algebra) and I got much more comfortable with those type of questions. The course helps you build a strong foundation on the concept, learn process skills to solve different question types and then practice GMAT-style questions with more difficult level, similar to those you will take on the test. This 1-month program helped me to focus a lot on my preparation for the test. It still requires you to take the full course (which takes time) but again once you learn their process you get more comfortable with gmat-style questions. Finally, I scored 730 (Q48/V42) and very happy with the final result (especially in verbal that was my weakest spot since the beginning).

I'd like to congratulate e-GMAT for creating such an excellent methodology to help test-takers excel on the GMAT and hope that you continue improving the course to help more and more people over time!

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