July 13, 2021

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E-GMAT is very comprehensive and actionable


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Online

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I took the e-GMAT course in June 2021 after I had taken an attempt in early June. I had prepared a fair bit and did well on the mocks however the main exam made me realise some fundamental gaps.

I lacked a process to solve the questions and also lacked section specific guidance to improve on my ability. e-gmat and Dhananjay came in and helped me improve my ability a fair bit. I improved from a 38 to a 40 in verbal within 10 days of starting work with egmat.

What I love about e-gmat:
Fantastic portal that gives you excellent insight. You do not waste time analysing, you only learn, cement and perform

The exercises are built methodically after completing each section I could see an improvement in my ability.

The personalized support that the team offers. They peer through your performance and give you sectionwise analysis on what to focus on. DJ offered me his personal number. I continuously kept in touch and troubled him for doubts. This is super helpful for a scattered person like me.

The sigma X mocks are fantastic

The methodologies that e-gmat have pioneered - pre-thinking, meaning based SC and critical reading skills. (I was able to get 98th and 91st percentile in SC and CR respectively)

I think e-gmat is the best solution out there for retakers. I am now working with the team to get a better score than what i have landed. I am sure I should be able to achieve it with their help and guidance. I keep wishing I had started the prep with e-gmat many months ago!

Above all, e-gmat does not judge or make you feel uncomfortable. They are matter of fact and mission driven towards helping us achieve our goal.

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