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Course e-GMAT GMAT Online

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I have never seen an educational service as good as E-GMAT. It is a one stop solution for cracking the GMAT. Their process-oriented approach makes results just a simple by-product rather than the goal.
I had purchased the two-month pack for both, verbal and quant, which came with 3-month access to GMAT Club and 5 mocks of 800 Score and Sigma X. I was studying full-time for the GMAT and this one purchase gave me so much resource that I could practice each and every type of question at various difficulties.

Coming to the Course Content:
• Starting with the SC Module, the meaning-based approach makes the process of elimination faster and more accurate. The course will gradually build up your ability to dissect each and every word of the sentence and to figure out the role it plays.
• The CR and RC course will teach the critical step of pre-thinking which with time will help you find out what the correct option may contain even before you read the options
Scholaranium 2.0:
The testing software of E-GMAT, Scholaranium 2.0, is way too insightful. It wont just give you your result, but also a complete analysis of the weak areas, timing, corrective actions and plan to target. I found myself referring to this data very frequently to check if I am on the right track and course correct when needed.

Sigma X Mock:
These mocks are a very close representation of your actual score. The question quality is also very reliable and the analytics provided are extremely useful to figure out an optimum test taking strategy.

If you get into the mentorship program, there is an extremely high probability that you will see a score starting with 7.
I was assigned the mentor Aditee Biyanee, who was an excellent mentor and regularly helped me with every minute detail right from test taking strategies to timing exercises. Gradually, my GMAT journey became even more enjoyable and I could sense a sharp improvement in my abilities and confidence. All thanks to Aditee!

Overall, I feel that this purchase was worth every penny spent.

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