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The toughest decision GMAT aspirants face at the start of their preparation is which course to put their trust in. I too lingered over this decision for a fair amount of time and after a lot of research I decided to go for E-Gmat. I attended many of the free GMAT strategy and verbal seminars conducted by E-Gmat and was really impressed by its structured approach to solving the questions compared to other courses which focus mainly on getting to the answer and not on how to actually get there.
What worked for me?
The verbal course is absolutely fantastic. It leaves no stones unturned when it comes to covering concepts essential for GMAT verbal. It starts with Master Comprehension which tells you how to approach all the verbal subsections in general and lays a solid foundation for things to come. The SC course is a life saver and covers everything related to SC comprehensively. Just knowing grammar isn’t enough to excel on GMAT and that’s where the meaning-based approach emphasized by E-Gmat comes into play and is the best way to solve hard SC questions.

CR is just all about application and hence the method to approach the problem Is of utmost importance. E-Gmat helped me in solidifying that method by introducing me to processes such as Pre-Thinking and negating the statement to find what breaks the conclusion. I was often stuck between two answers until I got the hang of pre-thinking.

RC is more about paying attention, getting immersed into the passage and being patient than anything else. The E-Gmat reading and note-taking strategies help a lot in these regards.

Coming from an engineering background, I didn’t need help as much with learning concepts as with streamlining my process skills. The E-Gmat quant has accurate diagnostic quizzes right at the start of each topic which helped me identify my skill level in that topic and hence enabled me to pay more attention to my weak areas. I was really struggling with DS questions before as I used to jump to conclusions and ignore important information but with the quant course, I was able to identify and work on the gaps causing such issues.

The scholaranium is an amazing platform which not only acts as a question bank but also as a private tutor. The data provided by it is really commendable as it helps to pinpoint the actual gaps in your knowledge and also keeps track of your performance in various sub sections. I can safely say that sigma-X mocks are the best mocks out there as the data insights and performance analysis it provides is unmatched. You can not only pinpoint which section you are weak in but also the particular sub-section where you are facing difficulties. So, if you are looking for mocks that are a very good replica of actual GMAT and which can tell you your areas of improvement as well as provide best possible solutions to all the questions, Sigma-X mock is your answer.

The course is tremendous but what impressed me the most was the kind of support which E-Gmat provides. I was lucky enough to be contacted by Dhananjay, my mentor during the LMP program. I got in contact with him after I finished the course and he has helped me at every step since then whether it be providing me with hyper-specific plans, highlighting my weak areas or motivating me. After my second attempt which was disappointing to say the least, he got in touch with me on his own accord and let me know that he backs me 100% and believes that I can achieve my target , such trust shown by him in his students is really commendable. His continuous support, even now, has been a major boost for my ongoing preparations.
To sum it all up, looking for a course which takes care of everything for you and lets you focus entirely on studying? Look no further than E-Gmat!

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