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Well structured course with excellent mentorship


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Course e-GMAT Mentorship

Instructor Dhananjay(DJ)

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When I started off with my GMAT preparation, I was under the impression that I would not need a structured program to get 700+. Afterall, how difficult could high school math and elementary verbal reasoning be? Right? WRONG!

GMAT, across both quant and verbal sections is a test of one's logical thinking prowess and mental stamina. A structured preparation is a must and I realized this the hard way in my initial endeavor.

It was then that I reached out to eGMAT and was told about the LMP (last mile push) program which is aimed at providing the right course content along with highly personalized 1-to-1 coaching. I was glad to get assigned DJ (Dhananjay) my mentor who promptly put me on a study plan comprised of the right combination of video lessons and practice on Scholaranium.

Since I had already got a head start in my preparation before subscribing to eGMAT, DJ advised me to go through specific lessons in Verbal while focusing on practicing questions under time pressure. However, I was so enamored by eGMAT's brilliantly crafted verbal section that I ended up completing the entire course - every single video lesson and practice question.

eGMAT's structured approach to cracking CR is extremely helpful in hitting a high accuracy in difficult 700+ level questions. And their SC methodologies are almost guaranteed to enable 90%+ accuracy on even the most convoluted and tricky questions. One just needs to trust in the process and remain patient while the course builds up the ability to take on even the most difficult questions head on.

Since I was focusing mainly on improving my verbal performance, I did not go through the entire quant course. However, the sections that I did go through were very comprehensive while retaining the trademark eGMAT structured approach. Their frameworks are gold standard across topics - the meaning based approach in SC and the pre-thinking mandate in CR being a couple of top-of-mind examples.

Scholaranium 2.0 is a massive upgrade and an extremely useful tool and throws trenchant insights into one's strengths and weaknesses. In terms of making one cognizant about areas of improvement, it is just about as subtle as a sledgehammer! With the level of granularity of inputs it provides on sectional ability and the pointers for improvement it assists with, it is the best "digital coach" that I have come across to build test readiness.

And talking about coaches, I cannot thank DJ enough for all the support and multitudinous insightful recommendations he shared with me throughout my preparation. He was very prompt in responding to my queries and gave sharp weekly action plans for me to execute. With a fortnight to go for my test, he helped me with a hyper-specific, completely personalized plan basis the insights that Scholaranium 2.0 had thrown. This helped me focus on areas of improvement at a time sticking to a sagaciously chosen study schedule mattered the most.

In my first attempt, I got 720 (Q48, V41). I could have done better in quant and will go for a retest. In verbal, I was consistently in the 35-38 zone in prior mocks and the 40+ score in the actual test was thanks to the rigor I was exposed to in the well rounded eGMAT course and ofcourse to DJ's inputs.

All in all, try as I may but I find it hard to critique eGMAT's offerings. It is a rock solid, profoundly well-thought through, robustly crafted, comprehensive course for GMAT preparation and test readiness. In my opinion, easily the best course out there. I would highly recommend it.

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