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This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep
Location: Online
Taught by: Rajat Sadana

I wrote my GMAT exam on 10th Nov 2011 and got 700 (Q-49 & V-36). I would like to thank each and every one of you who shared their GMAT experiences on this forum and helped people like me to achieve the dream score. This forum was very useful to me during my GMAT preparation and its even useful now in my applications. I would also like to thank Payal and Rajat of E-gmat team for helping me improve my verbal score from 27 to 36. The e-gmat course proved to be very effective in improving my verbal score.

Just 2 weeks before the test, i found few people recommending e-gmat for verbal on beatthegmat and gmatclub forums. I registered for SC course of E-GMAT. I completed the concepts in 5 days time and then worked on advanced questions and UGE files. The advantage in E-GMAT is that the course starts with basic level and moves to advanced level once you gain proficiency in the basic level. The topics are classified accordingly to the level of difficulty. Another major advantage that i found useful was that audio visual files in the e-gmat course give you a clear picture of the concept and the concept directly sits in your mind whereas in MGMAT strategy guides, all the areas are on the same level and the concepts are not supported by enough examples as most of the examples seem to be pretty easy and not actual GMAT like questions. I strictly followed the e-gmat process for getting maximum results out of the course.

Use the following method to gain effective results:
1. Review a concept
2. Practice few OG questions related to the concept
3. Review your mistakes and make a error log (Preparing an error log is a time taking activity but its worth the effort)
4. Review the concept in which you made mistakes
5. Practice more problems in the areas that you made mistakes in
6. Once you are confident, move on to the next concept
7. Repeat steps 2 to 5

Within 3 days, i was able to observe a drastic change in my way of approach to SC questions. As GMAT SC questions now deal with meaning issues, we have to get a clear idea on what the sentence conveys before approaching the problem and the e-gmat approach for solving SC problems does just this.
1. Understand the meaning of the sentence
2. Identify the errors in the original sentence
3. Eliminate answer choices

Using this approach, i was able to solve most of the SC questions within a minute. I used the excess time for solving CR and RC passages. For CR, i referred powerscore CR bible but it was not that useful though. i referred to few concepts in CR bible, few in MGMAT CR strategy guide and i also enrolled for e-gmat CR course. Though i could not review all the concept files in e-gmat CR course, it helped me a lot in eliminating wrong answer choices and identifying the correct answers.

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