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Amazing course!
July 18 | 2012
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This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep
Location: Online
Taught by: Rajat Sadana

I am using this course from almost 3 weeks and I can surely tell you that it is the one of the best course for non-natives for improving the Verbal score. Course starts from the very basic and goes to the higher level, covering all the important topics of tested on the real GMAT. Here are the few of the features worth mentioning -

- The course teaches you logical procedure to approach the SC, CR and RC questions

- They stress the importance of meaning. The meaning first approach is crucial especially when you are tackling high-level (hard) questions

- It is e-learning course and that makes it even more effective.

- You can customize the course based on your level. There is a quiz before and after a concept. So it allows you to gauge and skip a concept if you are good in it.

- The live sessions are very interactive.

- Their customer service is excellent. I get my problems resolved with few hours.

- Most importantly this course is a value for money!

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