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This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep
Location: Online
Taught by: Shraddha Jaiswal

Am non native speaker and as with most non native speakers I have Verbal mania. I have gone through Gmat club (thanks to you are always awesome in helping everyone) and found good reviews on E-gmat. I have followed some of the explanations provided in this forum by E-GMAT and was very impressed (especially by Shraddha) and thought of giving a trail (BTW E-GMAT provides you with free trial) and confidence level on course has raised to next level :)

I Signed up for Verbal live prep course and I found this course very helpful in getting my basics right. They provide you with the right road map which I reckon plays a major role in achieving success. I had gone through MGMAT course earlier and I was not able to hit the percentage rate (around 80 -90) I wanted to, but after going through E-GMAT I was able to do that. The Key element of E-GMAT is Meaning analysis and if you follow this then you would fare far better than what you think.

I liked their approach very much
1) Pre assessment - To know where you stand
2) Course - To get the basics right
3) Post assessment - To get to know whether you have understood the course
4) OG questions - Application of what you have learnt to GMAT like questions

I would strongly recommend this course and hope you guys benefit from this.

Last but not the least - Thank You E-GMAT.

Ex-Verbal Maniac

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