GMAT Course Review
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This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep
Location: Online
Taught by: Krishna Chaitanya

I’m writing this review to thank the e-gmat team for their great effort. Everyone makes our lives easy to get top score in verbal section. In the same way, I like to share my experience that may help students to shorten when studying GMAT verbal.

I enrolled in Egypt in a classroom course that was disappointing. I rarely understand the CR or solve SC correctly. Through studying each gmat course in gmat club, I found e-gmat content which I was rich. I decide to go for “verbal life prep” to get more life practice and answer my question. There was a good deal for $299 for 6 months. As soon as I registered, I was provided with password to access the website. The program comes with mock tests.

E-gmat organizes the study through plans and calendar for live sessions. IF you miss one, you do not need to panic because you can listen to the recording or simple attend next month.

For sentence correction experience
• Follow e-gmat process. This helped me to understand some of my errors.
• Stick to the level and do not jump.
• Always study the concept even you feel that you know it.
• Review the concept files clearly.
• Solve application files.
• Solve OG13 sentences. I can mark progress
• Attend live sessions especially, parallelism & modifiers.
• There are extra trainings in UG section.

For Critical reasoning experience
• Focus on the “Conclusion and premises” 3 concepts files.
• Study each concept file and its application and dissect
the examples to know how to solve it.
• Give yourself time and do not be rush.
• Pre-thinking is crucial to CR process.

For Reading comprehension experience
• it is easy. I had good experience from my TOEFL exam

All what I need to say is that you need to start engaging with strong source rather than get trapped in other sources that won’t help you.

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