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This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep
Location: Online
Taught by: Payal Tandon

First time I had to face GMAT was in December 2016. Because of the illness I was left with only 2 weeks for practicing before the exam day. I was always good at Math, but the Verbal part seemed too challenging for me to handle. Nevertheless, I pushed myself to the limit during those 2 weeks and at the day of the exam saw a moderate score on the screen – 640 (Q49, V27). I applied to some MBA programs, but the ones I chose were too good to grant a place to a guy with such a score.
After this failure, I realized that if I want to score 700+, I need to improve my Verbal skills. I surfed the Internet and found out that a bunch of test-takers recommended that e-GMAT program be taken in order to hone one’s abilities to solve verbal questions, especially SC problems. So I enrolled.
I took the Verbal Live Prep course. I was provided with a list of materials that I needed to learn each day and instructed when and how to participate in online classes, which, by the way, are free of charge.
Firstly, I started the SC course, which helped me to brush up my knowledge of English grammar as well as to learn new things that are crucial for mastering SC questions. Most of all I liked the way in which the course is organized: first the concept of each theme is thoroughly explained with the use of video materials, than subject related tests are provided. Also, respective OG questions and answers are provided. The way in which e-GMAT team provides knowledge helped me increase the accuracy of solving SC questions up to 84 % from 50 % in about 3 weeks.
After finishing the SC course I started to practice the Critical Reasoning (CR). I easily handled this course with the help of both e-GMAT video lessons and Manhattan Prep’s study book. The only thing that I can say is that both materials helped me a lot by providing slightly different techniques of problem solving. I just want to mention that e-GMAT also has Q&A, which was very useful in many cases. When I finished the CR course the number of wrong answers decreased to about 13-15 %.
My last section was Reading Comprehension (RC). The best thing I liked in it is that e-GMAT team really tried its best to make RC questions the easiest ones to solve. Before the course I did not like RC part, as I thought of it as the toughest one. However, with the help of e-GMAT lessons now I know how to answer different types of RC questions without wasting time. Moreover, the course provides tips that help to stay interested and focused whether or not a test taker likes the topic.
A week ago I took my first mock test in GMAT PREP app and guess my happiness when I saw the result of all this learning – a 720 score. My Quant score was 50, and the Verbal one was 38 ! I plan to take another exam at the end of August and this time I aim at 740. Thanks to e-GMAT, the score that once seemed unreachable is closer than ever before !

3 weeks after I wrote this review I took my GMAT exam. My score was exactly 740 (Q50, V40) !

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