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Verba solution for Non natives
November 27 | 2017
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This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep
Location: Online
Taught by: Krishna Chaitanya

I am a non native GMAT aspirant who has an art background and weak in both the section of gmat. i started my gmat preparation 8 months back. I remember i used to struggle a lot in verbal section, be it sentence correction , critical reasoning or RC ;all used to give me hard time. It made me lose hope for a good score in GMAT exam. I didn’t know how i should improve my knowledge in both the section especially for verbal. I never used to pick right answer for right reasons and always believe in those options which sounded correct to my ears and wasn't bothered about subject verb, modifiers, idioms etc.i referred many books with thousands of grammar rules which was impossible for me to remember. Same with Quant books, many formulae and concepts.i wasn’t sure what to read and what not. I couldn’t filter myself .
Luckily i shared this problem to one my friend ,he suggested to join Egmat. I searched about it and went through the trial videos and some other. I found it best suitable for me. As it audio video option helped me to understand the concepts well. i joined the EGMAT-live prep course. Which consist both verbal and quant sections.The course is very comprehensive and holistic in nature.The concepts are taught in a very simplistic manner and the quizzes are very helpful to understand how the concepts are tested.
when i compare the results of no. Of questions i used to correct during the initial time of preparation and today, there is a huge difference. I have improved a lot.
The best part of the program is the Scholaranium. It has question ranging from easy to hard topic and one can easily refresh the entire course through them.Further ,it helps one to understand one's strength and weakness.
I am Planning to take my GMAT test after weeks and i hope i would score my target score.

I would like to thank Egmat and its team and hopefully these concepts learned from e-gmat will help achieving my target score .
I Would Definitely Recommend E GMAT live prep Course to anyone who is non native and looking to improve his GMAT score.

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