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May 08 | 2012
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Good part- Quite good approach to solve the problem, quality of questions is pretty good, equal emphasis on removing all the wrong answers is interesting part & hooked me to the course, build up is nice, interface works quite well.

Not so good part- even though I did not had much chance to interact & ask questions, but on one occasion I was told that please do not ask question other than official one's or the their own. After my reply on that post, I feel they could sense the repercussion so no retort came..on other 1 or 2 occasions I had questions which I wrote to admin E-gmat but did not get reply neither I followed up because things were moving quite fast at my end and I had registered at almost end of the my study plan (@25th Mar). so I feel E-gmat may have little scope to improve on customer service- may be my case is just an exception but this is just my experience. Also couple of quiz questions can be safely retired as Q's based on Idioms are phased out by GMAC now.

In all I would assign 4/5 to this course.

Disclaimer- Generally, I am a miser at admiring. If you are signing up a course for a guarantee of +x points, please do not fool yourself. NO course (yeah I mean it) can do that for you, it's you who has to work on it, the course can ONLY help you so much case as a catalyst.. Hope you find this review useful in your prep. If any specific Q, please shoot out via pm or otherwise, I 'll be happy to respond.

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