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June 18 | 2012
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e-Gmat course is something that a non-native should try if he/she is scoring low and is serious about improving the verbal score.

I started with the SC course and must say it was extremely useful. The course is detailed and it focus entirely on the fundamentals of SC and the concepts tested in GMAT.

After completing the course my accuracy rate increase to 90% my verbal score increased by 9 points. A word of caution, to see a substantial improvement on verbal score firstly, one need to have a good grasp of the fundamental and application of the concepts tested on GMAT and secondly one needs to be naturally good in comprehension and should be a good test taker. e-GMAT will help you on the first part, for the second part, one need to improve on his/her own.

Pros: 1. The course focuses on the core sentence structure and meaning of the sentences, which is essential to crack SC question.

2. Multimedia based tutorial. Very easy to comprehend and retain the concepts learnt.

3. Very handy to revise the concepts and it became very important resource for me to revise at the end of my study phase and revision is easy and quick. One can only refer to the summary files.

1. The application crashed sometimes.

2. Could include more GMAT like question in the tutorial.

After finishing the course I also bought the OG Verbal Review Videos. It was extremely useful as it gives the step-by-step approach to crack the Official question. When ever I feel a little low about SC I just go through the video explanation of few question from this tutorial (OG Verbal Review Videos), and believe me it was a real confidence booster.

CR- course did not work for me though. Using e-GMAT method, I was taking more time to solve CR questions, but many have find it useful in this forum, I guess its more of a personal choice and to experiment different methods as to what works better for you. You can try the free tutorials and decide whether you want to take the course, many find it useful.

Overall, I think e-GMAT course is definitely a reliable verbal course especially for the non-natives and for those who are struggling with verbal score. I highly recommend it, and one can see a good point increment in verbal section of GMAT.

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