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From V21 to V35
August 11 | 2012
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This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Online
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Hi All
I scored poor 610 (Q49,V21) in my first attempt. I analyzed and realized that its SC which has done damage for me. I came across e-gmat and joined its SC aong Grockit bundle.I would not say that its the best course but its definately value for money.

E-gmat pragmatic approach of discarding wrong options helped me to improve my score.
Equipped with rigorous prepartion through Grockit ,E-gmat and othere resources I attempted GMAT again and i scored 700 (Q50,V35) .

Grockit has good quant question bank but lacks in RC and SC.E-gmat has good fundamental overbiew but lacks on question bank. If they improve their question bank it could be more beneficial for other students.

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