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August 11 | 2012
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I did this course along with e-gmat SC course, while I found the SC course really good and ground gaining, I was not able to grasp the CR concepts well. The method used to crack the CR questions is very lengthy and took lot of time. And time-factor is very important as far as GMAT exam is concerned. The reason why I might have not gained much out of this course can be that I did this course within a month of my exam.

Still, the course is very well designed (just like the SC course) and has tests at different levels. I sincerely feel that the method did not work with me, but it might work for others. May be if you are just starting your GMAT prep and are done with CR Bible, and you still have 2-3 months in hand, you can try this course and it can prove beneficial for you!

I gained 70 points over my first GMATprep exam that I appeared in December, 2011, from 580 to 650. But I would attribute this mostly to e-gmat SC course, which I highly recommend.

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