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RC review:

I would highly recommend e-GMAT RC course for every GMAT aspirant especially non-natives. I have improved my accuracy from 50% to 80%. All the credit to e-GMAT RC course. One major difference in comparison to other courses is the way RC is taught in this program. The method is very scientific and easy to understand & apply. The audio and visual feature of the course is amazing and make the student to get involved in the course. In a way, the method helps you to recognize a pattern in GMAT RC's and subsequently helps you to increase your accuracy tremendously.

The course is complete value for money and is highly recommended for all those aiming to score more than 35 in Verbal in GMAT.

SC Review:

We all know that SC in GMAT exam tests how well the test takers are as communicators rather than how well the test takers as grammarians. The SC course in e-GMAT helps to achieve this. e-GMAT highlights a 3 step process to crack any SC question. This process gives importance to the meaning of the sentence along with the grammar. I have improved my accuracy of GMAT like SC questions from 65- 70% to 85-90%. The kind of confidence you get in applying the e-GMAT SC process to the questions is unparalleled.

I would highly recommend all the students to go for this course and enjoy the art of cracking all kinds of SC questions.

CR Review:

GMAT CR not only tests the reasoning skills but also tests the quick execution of the skills on variety of questions. This is what is taught in e-GMAT CR course. The course teaches you the various ways & means to do the prethinking. This has helped me to solve some of the the tough CR questions in less than 2 minutes. I have improved my CR accuracy from 60% to 80%.

I would definitely recommend all the students to go for e-GMAT verbal course. For CR particularly, it will help to improve your accuracy and save time.

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