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I've already improved!
September 02 | 2012
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I have been struggling with my verbal, especially Reading Comp. I have looked all over GC for tips and strategies. But nothing seem to help. It was becoming really frustrating.

So reluctantly decided that maybe I should buy a GMATPill for RC. But after I saw the prices for the single RC pill, I decided to "shop around." I saw that many people were recommending e-gmat. I looked up the reviews, looked at their prices (1 GMAT Pill apprx to the Verbal section on e-gmat online), went to their website and signed up for a trial for the Verbal section.

I have spent a good portion of today going through the Verbal e-gmat course. I have already seen an improvement in my understanding and practice questions both on e-gmat and in the OG. Tomorrow I will be officially purchasing the Verbal section.

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Created by egmat

September 04, 2012

Dear Kristin,
We are glad that you are seeing improvement. We look forward to a stellar score from you. Make sure you follow the Best Practices as we advise. Also, be sure to attend the Strategy session. You will get an email invitation. The next strategy session is scheduled on September 15.
Welcome to e-GMAT!!

Created by mparakala

September 28, 2012

Thank you!
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