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Very Good Verbal Course
April 10 | 2013
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Well, I always believed in self study instead of tutor, classes and all. After taking some MGMAT mocks, I realized that verbal score was not improving, and it was always dancing between 29-31. My GMAT was around 2 weeks away, and I thought of taking a GMAT prep test. It was a real bummer and scored 28 on verbal. I knew that I could not change 28 to 38 in 2 weeks time, but did not want to change the exam date either, so talked to Rajat Sadana and explained my situation. Rajat suggested to me to take SC course only. I purchased just that and finished it in 10 days.

The Course was awesome. Concepts were explained like teaching kids at elementary level, so they are hard coded in your memory. Their approach to tackle questions was really strong, if practiced religiously you will overcome timing issues. Their approach digs the question really deep and there is a very little room left for errors.

Not only the SC course, but I also got some free videos on their website for CR and RC course. I worked on their CR bold faced questions approach and figured that my accuracy in OG increased surprisingly using their strategies.

If I would have come to know about their course earlier then I would have turned my 28 verbal to 38+ by doing all 3 sections from their course. Anyways I did good on my test day and was able to score 34 in verbal. I believe e-GMAT course came really handy for this improvement in my score. Not to mention, if you have any doubts or concerns just post it on their website, and you will get reply really fast that is useful for people who get anxious if they have a question while studying.

I believe that if one seriously studies all 3 sections from their course and practices really well using those techniques for all OG and Verbal Review questions, then one can easily improve by 7-8 points in verbal.

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