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2 Months and loads of improvement


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

Location Online

EGMAT is the best verbal course I have come across for non-native speakers. Although I scored a mere 34 in Verbal, I came pretty close to my target of 37. I started in the 20s in all MOCK test and it was only after going through the course that I landed up in the 30s.

These guys are dedicated in terms of course design and structure. Strategy sessions by Rajat were really helpful for me to finally zero in on EGMAT. Although I could have done better had I followed the curriculum to the T, I am happy with the current score since I have landed in the 80% range of most of my target schools.

Anyone looking for improvement in verbal be it SC, CR or RC, if you follow the EGMAT approach dedicatedly, I am sure your accuracy will jump up from your current level. I had a 30% accuracy in SC and after EGMAT it came to 70%. If you have any more questions about the course please feel free to drop me a PM and I will give you whatever feedback I can. Thanks EGMAT Team!

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