November 11, 2013

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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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As a Non-native speaker, verbal is my weakest part. Although I have sound grammar knowledge but I could not solve GMAT SC through that simple grammar knowledge. I heard lots about e-GMAT, especially for Non-native speaker it’s a best online course. So I Signed up e-GMAT verbal online course.

After 2 months when I had complete my SC and CR concept, I realized my accuracy has increased almost 60%, which makes me enough confident. I really liked the course. Specially the meaning based approach to SC is awesome. My accuracy jumped just as i started to apply this approach.

Initially it may take some time, but its a very useful and handy tool to attack SC once you master it. I would also like to mention about their CR attacking strategy. The Prethinking strategy helped me to understand the CR stimulas more clearly. I knew what i have to do. The prethink strategy helps you to attack the question actively. The RC part is also very well organized .I got Some simple way to Crack RC puzzle. They have very effectively organized the IR part. After every concept they take a quiz which is related to that concept makes its student very much clear about those concepts.

At last, My GMAT exam date is 20th Dec. so I want to gives really thanks e-GMAT for make me confident about my Verbal part

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