March 12, 2014

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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I was devastated when I got a 610 in my first attempt at GMAT
( Q50 V23 IR7). It was clear to me that this score would not take me anywhere as far as my target schools are concerned. Verbal was a nightmare for me as is evident from my GMAT score. In order to give one more shot, I tried reading MGMAT verbal guides with not much improvement. One of my friend suggested to refer the online demo videos of e-gmat SC,CR courses which are available for free. I tried and found it a more interesting way to study as I was more focused and was enjoying this new way of audio-visual learning (new for me as I had always studied from books usually). I was able to solve the OG questions based on the topics. This made me want to order the full Verbal online course. After a few days of studying, I found my scores increasing in Verbal Section and now I am continuosly scoring in the low 30s. Though I would like to increase this further before attempting GMAT again.

The things which I like the most is the pre-thinking approach to solve CR question apart from the SC concepts and "understanding the meaning" approach for solving and applying rules to SC questions. I found RC equally good.

Hoping for best for my next GMAT but want to thank e-gmat team for helping me increase my Verbal score.

March 15, 2014

i had submitted a review of egmat course on 15 mar 14............
but i m surprised not being able to locate it ......
pl help

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