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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I joined the e-GMAT verbal online course a few months ago. I arrived at the decision after hours of research on the various options available for verbal as a section.

e-GMAT emerged as the clear winner. On paper, the verbal online course offers you around 1400 questions on both Verbal and Quant. Along with its extremely comprehensive, easy to comprehend and effective SC, CR and RC courses, you get various mock tests (4 full length) from Edvento (good analytics), 800Score (5 full length tests) and GMAT club Membership for the entire duration of your membership. Therefore, along with the official GMAC study material, I feel that E-GMAT is a complete and reliable GMAT Prep resource.

What differentiates e-GMAT from others is its simple 3 step approach which can be applied to all kinds of questions. The effective and thought provoking weekly sessions, one-to-one advice along with highly skilled and accessible faculty are one of the many hallmarks of this brilliant course; available at quite a reasonable price relatively!

I am taking the GMAT in a month from now and I am quite sure that my scores will jump because of e-gmat's help!

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