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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Honestly till I took the e-gmat Verbal online course, verbal was always a bit of a struggle. Initially I thought it was only SC that I had a problem with but thanks to this course I figured out how to make my CR & RC stronger as well.

With SC I could never understand the answer explanations given in the Og & was constantly perplexed. In my first gmat attempt I decided to approach SC on the basis of what sounded right (after all English is my first language) & got a V27. Shattered & wondering how to improve this score I stumbled upon gmat club and read about the verbal online course & decided to give it a try.

The verbal online course has an extensive explanation on all the essential rules you need to know in SC along with a detailed video explanations of verbal review. Understanding the rules and then seeing them logically applied in solving each SC question really helped strengthen my basics.

The CR & RC though not as detailed provides you with good tips on how to approach questions and deeply ingrains the concept of pre-thinking. In fact thanks to pre-thinking my accuracy in CR has also improved.

All in all on practice test my score now ranges from V33 to V37.

Now am getting ready for another go at the gmat exam all thanks to e-gmat

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