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Thanks a Ton E-gmat for helping me score V40 from V28.


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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After I failed miserably in my first attempt at GMAT (610, V28), it was clear that verbal is the point of pain for me. After researching for a while, attending E-Gmat’s free webinars and trying their free trial course, I decided to place my trust in them and bought their Verbal Online Course.
They sent me a study plan and for next 6 weeks, I followed that study plan religiously. I started with SC and CR to improve and then to RC.
Once done, I attended couple of strategy sessions by Rajat from E-gmat to formulate my strategy. One thing stuck with me-Although verbal will boost score by more points, improving in quant will also help. As quant is strength for us, we should use it to our advantage. This helped me to keep practicing my Quant skills too and helped me improve from Q46-Q49.
All in all E-gmat offers a very good course especially for non-natives. This is due to simple reason that the language they use and their voice tone and accent are very familiar to us and helps grasp things more quickly and for longer time. Another plus point is that they have broken the course into small manageable chunks reducing the complexity.
Some area of improvement can be RC course I think. The methodology is good but not from test perspective. For both CR and RC there should be some guidelines on how to comprehend in a certain time. I found such note taking directives in Manhattan CR book and loved it.
But still this course was worth every penny.
In the end, they can just provide guidelines, cost materials and question banks. The main responsibility lays with us how to utilize them and how to make the best use of the course. For example, my accuracy in RC increased when I was done with all RC in both OG’13 and Verbal review. So, a great course with your dedication and perseverance can produce great results.
Hope this helps.

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