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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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After wondering through various sites and forums for the good GMAT prep course I came across e-gmat.
The most difficult part of an online course is to figure out whether it will be a right fit for you. Most of the courses provide limited free access, so that a person can get a look and feel of their material. But for me that was not enough. Thanks to E-gmat that their limited access is good enough to make up your mind without any ambiguity. They not only provide free trial for SC, RC & CR but also to some of their Webinar sessions.
webinar on boldface was an amazing . It taught a very simple and effective approach to tackle complex looking bold face CR passages.
This strengthen my trust in E-gmat and I finally purchased their Verbal Online Course.
RC was my biggest pain area. I was able to manage a descent score in RC but I was taking more than average time to solve a passage. I went across many books and read lot of articles on forums but none of the techniques worked for me. But e-Gmat course is Superb. Their step by step procedure to comprehend a passage and techniques to get completely engross in a passage really clicked .
Their SC explanations, especially breaking the sentences into clauses, helped me to solve some complex SC questions like a charm.
Highlights for this Course :
1) a very nicely knitted course structure and plan.
2) Extensive explanation of some difficult rules in a simple and clear language , advantage for non Natives, backed by practical explanations on some Questions, is outstanding.
3) Pre and Post Assessment Quizzes, are the quantifiable measures to access one's progress on a topic.
4) SC technique to break down complex and long sentence into small clauses and then analyze for the correctness of a sentence makes SC piece of cake.
5) Prompt response to your queries.
After Applying E-gmat's techniques I could feel a drastic difference in my verbal practice score from 25- 28 to 36 - 38 V
I wish if e-Gmat team can add some more practice questions in each section, then it will act as one stop shop for GMAT verbal practice. Hope E-gmat team will work on it.
I strongly recommend e-gmat to all the students who are looking for an enhancement in their Verbal Score.
All the best friends with your preparation.

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