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eGmat is simply awesome!!!


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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It is simply awesome. The verbal course of eGmat is amazing, especially the sentence correction part. I was shocked to see such brilliant efforts been put for the students. The following are the details of the verbal online course:-

1] Sentence Correction:- I tried solving the questions of SC after going through Manhattan SC, Kaplan 800 and Grockit, but still i used to get questions incorrect. Even after applying the mentioned rules, the accuracy was still a question. Then via one experience shared on the GMATClub, i came across eGmat. i selected the verbal online course and started going through some of the concepts of sentence correction. It was amazing, breaking up of the concepts. It gave a completely new concept that is 'the intended meaning' of the sentence.
This concept really made it very clear as to how to actually
approach sentence correction questions.

CR:- I found the assumption questions, most difficult to handle. The strategies that eGMAT introduced was making life easier to crack assumption questions.

Overall strategies to ace GMAT:- The sessions conducted by Rajat on the weekends is commendable. He makes sure what
strategies need to be used at what time in order to crack the GMAT. The timing strategies presented is also very helpful.

Motivation:- Another most important thing that a student needs while studying for GMAT is the motivation to study. The emails that we receive daily from Rajat has success stories, mentioning that scoring a 700+ is not difficult at all.

In sum, eGmat for the verbal section is the best course available today.

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