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Hello everyone,
I have purchased the e gmat verbal online course some time back.
The best thing to mention about the course is the training methodology used.. the audio visual stuff is simply superb concept they have implemented..
Once you revisit the concept for 3-5 times, believe me, you wont forget that thing for the rest of your life.. thats how its taught..
I have still not completed all sections of the verbal course.. but still there is a clear improvement from V25 to V32 (even though 20% of the stuff is still pending from my side)
e gmat has taken my confidence to a new level while answering verbal question.. Now I know why a choice is technically incorrect..
I would definately recommend e gmat verbal for anyone who wants a drastic improvement in verbal section.. Will post a debrief after giving my gmat which is 1 month away..
> Akshay K.

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