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It's great! I registered for EGMAT Platform 2.0 in the month of September 2014. As I had already been familiar with the earlier version of EGMAT Verbal Online course, I can say that there is a great difference between these two platforms. The current platform (Platform 2.0) includes significant changes in terms of concepts which are now much more comprehensive, detailed and synthesized.

Frankly, various quizzes such as pre-assessment quiz and post-assessment quiz, for each topic / sub-topic, really boosts your confidence. Undoubtedly, the course and its constant learning works as an effective tool for a fair understanding of the concepts.

I am really pleased to be a student of EGMAT and would recommend every GMAT test-taker to be a student of the Verbal Online course - both Sentence Correction techniques as well as Critical Reasoning analysis would be a great guide to build a strong foundation.

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