January 10, 2015

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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I'll straight go to the point. Thank You e-GMAT.
I am an Indian male with a mediocre schooling wrt English. I wouldn't mind conceding that even my basics of English (verbs/nouns) weren't clear when I started on this journey called GMAT. I read Wren n Martin English Grammar to improve. My diagnostic test results were 570. I knew the road ahead is long. Thus I went on and on, from reading Economist to learning grammar from random English grammar websites. 6 months and my first attempt yielded a 620. I was really upset. Then I decided to take-up the e-GMAT course. I had attended their free webinars. I went from 620 to 730 in 4 months. I could have done this in lesser time but due to hectic work hours and I wanted this attempt to be the best yet. e-GMAT really made the difference by teaching right from the "basics". They taught what is important and the strategies were undoubtedly helpful. For me SC became a cake walk.
I think I could have pulled out a 750 but got a bit distracted. Rajat says in one of his webinars that the first 10 questions are important. Indeed they are. At question no 21 I got a RC that was 5 para and of difficulty level I had never practiced before. I knew i was on the right path. But trying to tackle this RC I lost a lot of time. Which forced my to skip 4 questions in the end. But still I managed a 730! Sad but still happy I pushed out a 110 point improvement.
The course is perfect for non-native speakers!

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