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I have always been good at Quantitative, since my CAT days Verbal section has been pulling all my credits to a low level that never assured any call from good colleges. GMAT became my target after my 4th work anniversary. GMAT is different (in terms of preparation & strategies) from CATs in India. So I started researching about strategies and preparations required to ace GMAT.

First of all I realised GMATClub is best place to know everything about GMAT. Then I went through official GMAT Guides. I was pretty sure about Quantitative section but Verbal section dahh...!!

So I gave my first GMAT and score was Q49 V28. I was really really disappointed by my Verbal.
Same story here, verbal is pulling my over all score down. It was time to decide what steps are required to take to save myself from Verbal. I searched many institutes and visited few of them but the problem was "TIMINGS". I am a working engineer, I can't attend classes unless they are according to my schedule. So I searched about Verbal preparation online. One of my friend suggested me eGMAT online. He said it is best preparation site for non-natives.

I was not sure whether to spend money on this course, So I wrote an Email to Rajat sir from eGMAT telling him about my GMAT score and wether eGMAT can help me in it. Believe me the reply I got was not only motivating but also convincing that I can improve my verbal. He asked about my strategy and asked me to go through eGMAT's FREE material. I realised my "BIG TIME MISTAKE" It was my method of attempting questions in Verbal. I need to change my whole thinking about verbal section. I am never sure about my answers while making them in verbal section. Biggest and Best thing eGMAT is - it tells you "why you are wrong". It not only tells "why a correct answer is correct" but also why other options are wrong. So in this way when you do one question, you are actually doing 5 questions, since it is most important to learn what is wrong with incorrect answers.

Other best feature is when ever you have doubt (literally any kind of doubt) simply post on relevant forum of the section, you will get reply from experts. I got my most of doubts cleared from experts within a day.

NOW final words- I am yet give my 2nd GMAT EXAM, and my mocks are clearly showing improvement. One thing is sure I will answer verbal with much more confidence now. Lets see how the things will turn up this time. I will definitely write a detail experience after my next GMAT. I will definitely put my score card after few weeks to get $15 gift card. :)
Thank You e-GMAT and Rajat Sir.

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