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e-gmat , your gateway to success at GMAT


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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Most of GMAT aspirants like me are working professionals and thus have paucity of time. Therefore there is need to prepare smart and also hard. I have prepared for GMAT by myself initially and I must say it has been a very long process and an unsuccessful one. My score was 630 , a score which is way less than what I aimed for. Post this I took a break and I have now decided to answer GMAT again. However this time I wanted to enroll for an online course so I did a lot of online research. I read some great reviews on e-gmat and the first step was to register for a free verbal e-gmat seminar. I was completely sold after attending the verbal workshop. I had prepared in the past and immediately lernt the mistakes I made in the past. The entire workshop was an eye opener. At the same time I was angry with myself for having wasted so much of time in the past. I have enrolled for the e-gmat verbal online prep and I must say it is extensive and also beautifully summarized. The entire module is not only interesting but also improves the fundamentals needed for finding success at GMAT. I strongly recommend e-gmat and in all honesty it is best if someone enrolls to the complete live Verbal package. I am sharing my story to help all gmat aspirants to not go through the mistakes I did.
e-gmat is your gateway to find success in the first attempt of GMAT.

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