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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Being a non-native speaker of English, I always had the trouble with Verbal part of GMAT. The options of CR looked to me almost identical and the language of RC was confusing.
Then at one point of time, I attended a free webinar from Meghna Mam. She gave some phenomenal tips to tackle Verbal GMAT - meaning strategy for SC, prethinking strategy for CR and summary strategy for RC. Thereafter I bought the Verbal Online course of e-GMAT, which I think the best decision I made as far as preparation of GMAT is concerned. The videos in the course were fantastic and so the questions given there.
But the best thing I liked about e-GMAT is the kind of support I got from their faculties. It would be a real dishonesty for me if I don't mention the contribution of Neeti Mam and Meghna Mam for clearing my doubts. They cleared my doubts till the time the strategy or concept behind the question gets stick into my head. The best approach was from Neeti Mam - she never answered my doubts, but instead gave me hints to figure out answer by myself.
Overall, I am really impressed by the course and will recommend to any future test taker for GMAT.

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