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Hello All GMAT Aspirants,

I am a non-native English speaker and I signed up for e-gmat six months ago.I find e-gmat very useful not only for GMAT but also for career Growth. I am in the education field and currently working on GMAT for further education. I came to know about e-gmat through one of the blogs and went for it.

The approach to Sentence correction at e-gmat:

Highly logical and methodical, does not use Jargons, easy to follow, practice tests that are available before and after the concept delivery makes one realize the effectiveness of his/her learning. The e-gmat's 3 step process for sentence correction is highly effective.

The approach to CR at e-gmat.

This is really amazing, I bet this is very effective to the leading bible book.(I used both and found e-gmat's explanation and approach lively and interesting).CR with e-gmat lets one understand what is argument, what comprises of an argument, what is premise, conclusion, counter premise, Intermediate conclusion. What part of the argument should one challenge, how to identify logical gap(assumption) for the reasoning to be valid, how to strenthen/weaken an arugment, how to strengthen/weaken for arguments with causality.

The approach to RC at e-gmat.

Do i now need to tell you about e-gmat's approach.....? ok .....I will..... e-gmat is again a shining star with their approach....oh no "with its apprach" pronoun error there. Key reading strategies, how to find the main point, how to know the purpose of an entity in a passage.. everything is very clear.

I sometimes thought why i did not sign up for e-gmat quant..?

I am working full time, if time permits i will also sign up for quants with e-gmat.

I have started practices tests and i am already scoring 35 and above in verbal.

I use learning from e-gmat for day to day e-mailing, writing minutes for my office and other written communication and i feel very confident.

apart from the course content and approach i really want to thank e-gmat for the teachers' voice in the audio,the intonation, modulation, stress and pause, aspiration and truncation ... these definitely helps us to know the concepts better.


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