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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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I took GMAT in Aug, 2014 which was disaster in terms of verbal. In GMAT if you get low score in verbal your entire score comes down drastically. I felt there is huge weightage to verbal section that quant section. After the GMAT I decided to take help from online verbal courses. I come to know about e-Gmat through GMAT club forms. I took SC course as this is where you can improve drastically through practice. E-Gmat course is full of interactive sessions which took me by surprise. It started with basic element of grammar to nuances in gmat exams. It is completely focused on improving your score in gmat. I would recommend e-gmat verbal to every non-native speaker who is planning for gmat. I got to know about this course very late but everyone should take this course for their first attempt.

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