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Hi everyone, I just took the gmat and I scored a 690 (Q48V37). It may not be a terrific score, but its really good compared to my previous attempt, especially my verbal score.

First of all thank you E-Gmat! Your materials are the best bar none.

To begin with, I was confident about quantitative section of the GMAT because I thought that being an engineer, I had some quantitative advantage. I was not completely wrong but I realized that approaching questions in a timed manner needed a lot of practice and only a sound understanding of mathematics was not enough. Specially, the Data Sufficiency part of the quantitative section needed careful attention to details. My poor verbal score always demotivated me from taking the actual exam.

I am a non-native English speaker. So naturally, gmat’s verbal section turned out to be hard for me. I am sharing my experience to give an idea about how my hard work paid off.

I have been planning to take the gmat for 2.5 years now. Over the past years, I invested in multiple online gmat courses and also attended a classroom training. None of them helped me improve verbal my score beyond the 31-33 range. SC and CR always trapped me. So I kept postponing my gmat forever. Finally, with whatever preparation I thought I had, I finally took the actual gmat on Feb 6th, 2015. I wasn’t surprised by the score – 580 (Q48V22)

I had subscribed to E-gmat’s verbal online program a while ago, but I made a bad decision by not giving it due importance. I must admit it was the worst decision I took with regard to my gmat preparation. Looking back, I now realize I would never have ended up with a V22 had I used E-gmat during my preparations. I corrected this mistake for my second attempt. This time, I didn’t refer any other material other than E-gmat and the official guides. The course perfectly covers all areas of the gmat verbal, from absolute basics to the advanced concepts.

From the first day of using e-gmat itself, I was able to make out the difference in the way I analyzed questions. E-gmat’s pre-thinking in CR and their structured approach to SC really helped me improve in those areas. My accuracy in CR improved from 25-30% to 75% in less than 10 days. Pre-thinking really helped me have a better grip on the question even before I read the answer choices. Though it was time consuming in the beginning, with practice, I was able to answer CR questions accurately in much less time.

In SC too, E-gmat’s step by step method to identify errors in a sentence really helped me improve my accuracy. Following the procedure in the exact same way helped me identify and eliminate wrong answer choices quickly. I was almost able to answer every SC question in less than a minute. E-gmat workshops provide wonderful materials.

Once again I thank E-gmat for the wonderful program. I would recommend every gmat aspirant to take their trial and see for yourself how useful it can be, especially for those who find CR and SC hard and those who wish to take the gmat with less time to prepare. :)

Good Luck Everyone..

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