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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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e-GMAT Verbal is a perfect guide for Non-natives to approach Verbal Questions.After a poor attempt at GMAT (540), I was desperately looking for a course which could help me understand the Verbal Questions with a logical approach. With e-GMAT structured and logical approach, I could understand CR and SC questions in a way I never understood before. Their logical approach to solve SC questions is excellent. Using e-GMAT approach to solve SC questions, I was able to improve my accuracy in SC. In CR, most of the mistakes I made were in the Strengthen, Weaken and Inference question. With the help of e -GMAT, my CR improved and I was able to overcome my gaps in understanding in Weaken and Inference questions. Overall, I saw a 10 point improvement in Verbal section in 2 weeks. The audio-visual files helps in easy understanding of concepts as well it retains in your mind. Overall, excellent course for people who want to improve Verbal. I thank e-GMAT team for their excellent study material and I owe my improvement in Verbal Section completely to e-GMAT. I highly recommend e-GMAT to non-natives.

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